Minnesota Twins Seek to Engage Fans with ‘Twins At The Plate’ App

The Minnesota Twins along with Major League Baseball Advanced Media (MLBAM) have launched an in-stadium gaming app that is designed to engage fans by allowing them predict what is going to happen when the Twins are at bat.

The “Twins At The Plate” is a predictive game that has the fans predicting each batter’s results in the bottom of the inning. While there are a number of predictive apps, this one is the first that I have seen that is not specifically designed for an individual.

Instead Target Field, the Twins’ stadium, is divided into sections and the one that gets the most points for correct predictions is eligible to win prizes. The game will be played at the bottom of the 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th innings and all picks for a specific inning must be made prior to the end of the top of that inning. Results can be followed by an in-app leaderboard.

All a fan has to do to collect the prize is to show their ticket stub prior to leaving the stadium that evening to pick up the award. If you have lost your stub you are out of luck. The app can be accessed only while fans are at Target Field through MLB.com’s At the Ballpark application.

MLB and its MLBAM are have been very aggressive in their delivery of apps to engage fans, with ones that will enable you to order food in select stadiums to one that provide cash awards if you can select enough batters in a row that get hits in real games to break DiMaggio’s record hitting streak.

This is another one that is in that vein. I suspect that it will take a while for it to catch on as word of mouth spreads about the app. I certainly hope that the stadium can support the wireless data load because fans would not like to find out that they did not win because their selections did not get registered due to network overload.

MLB has been working to enhance the networking capabilities of all of its ballparks to avoid this issue and I suspect that once that is accomplished, it will roll this app out to additional stadiums.


  1. That is so cool! Are the other teams doing this as well?

    • Not yet, but MLB is working to put high speed, high capacity wireless networks in all of its ballparks so possibly next year.

      • It’s worth noting that the Wifi network at Target Field is AWFUL. Constant connectivity issues whenever I tried to connect my phone, so now I just skip it and stay on my cell data service.

      • You would have thought that they would have taken that into consideration when they built the park. I wonder how well the new systems that MLB and the NFL are putting into the parks. I have yet to get good reception at a major sporting event.


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