Recapp Launches Simple But Powerful Sports News Reader App

Home page screen image of the Recapp app.

Sometimes, innovation is all about taking what exists and making it easier to use. That’s the key ingredient in Recapp, a simple but powerful sports news reading app that curates top sports content by team and sport and organizes it for easy-to-find consumption.

Available free now for the iPhone, Recapp is the brainchild of David Chen, a self-proclaimed sports-obsessed fan who was frustrated by having to visit multiple web sites a day to get his fill of news on his favorite teams. Like many fans, Chen has a diverse plate of devotions — a Dallas native who got his MBA from Cornell, Chen follows the Mavs and the Big Red, which often requires multiple sources to satisfy his news jones.

“I wondered why there wasn’t a site that brought all the news I wanted to read in one place,” said Chen in a phone interview last week. Unable to find one, Chen enlisted the help of two friends — Tyler Smith and Chase Johnson, who are the company’s co-founders and “programming whizzes” — and after about a year of work, Recapp recently went live in the iTunes store. There is no Android version of the app yet, but Chen said he hopes to build one later in the year.

While it doesn’t break any new technical ground, Recapp does fans a big favor simply by acting as a proxy to find the top professionaly produced content for all the major U.S. professional sports, as well as major college teams. Fans can pick which teams or sports they want to follow, and the Recapp app will deliver a steady stream of game stories and opinions.

Much like Bleacher Report’s Team Stream app Recapp replaces the often tedious searching process with a streamlined compilation of not just one media source’s stories but instead the best of the best. Mobile Sports Report senior editor Greg Quick took a quick look at the app and liked its speed of story delivery, and its focus on top-site content.

“Our focus is on quality [stories],” said Chen. “If you just search for sports info half of what you get is garbage. We want to give true fans the info they want.”

While the app is in its early stages and doesn’t have much in the way of bells and whistles, Chen hopes to add more social and perhaps commenting features in the near future. “We eventually want fans to connect, and comment,” Chen said. Right now the app is also advertising-free, but Chen said that after building some more audience traction Recapp will reach out to brands to see if there is value in bringing advertising messages closer to fans.

Recapp screen shot of a New York Yankees news feed


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