Bloomberg Sports adds Fantasy Alarm to ‘Front Office 2012’

Have you missed out on making an important trade or swapping out an injured player simply because in your busy day you missed looking to see how your team/league was doing at a critical time?

Well if so, and you are a user of Bloomberg Sports fantasy baseball app “Front Office 2012” then these issues will be a thing of the past. The company has integrated the Fantasy Alarm feature into the program and it is free to all subscribers.

You do have to sign up for the feature which will alert you via either e-mail or text. The program tailors its messages based on your roster so that you are not bombarded with messages that are not relevant to your team.

There are a variety of types of messages including alerting you when a player is not in the starting lineup, with a 60-90 minute lead prior to the game. Other information includes when a team changes closers, who is on or off the DL or riding the pine now in the minors.

It covers game time decisions about player availability but also forecasts 24 hours out on probably starting pitcher match-ups as well. Fantasy Alarm estimated that it will send out 25 million messages this year to fans. As an added bonus players who sign up for the Fantasy Alarms alerts will be entered into an All-Star Getaway Sweepstakes for the 2012 MLB All-Star Game in Kansas City.

This seems like a can’t miss item for fans of fantasy baseball. I know a number of people that have missed out on points because a player was sitting out a game or was injured and they missed it for any of a number of reasons. Now you can eliminate that element of chance on your team. Of course still no solution for closers that give up 3 run homers in the ninth.


  1. John Thomas says

    This is a great move by Bloomberg – Their product looks fantastic but was missing that knock out punch. Fantasy Alarm has by far the best tool for fantasy baseball. Win-Win

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