Hints about Seahawks picks to be Twittered in Advance?

Seattle Seahawks’ coach Pete Carroll has developed a unique tool to convey the intentions of the team in regards to each draft choice- he tweets about it.

But rather than make reference to the position or school that the prospective choice might come from he takes a different approach.

Two years ago he tweeted songs about the picks. His first was Santana’s “Soul Sacrifice” and this was followed by a number of other song hints. No explanation was provided, and in fact he tweeted a number of cryptic responses as to what, if anything they meant.

Last year he repeated the act with song hints from everybody from MC Hammer to John Denver to Black Eyes Peas. Is this all for fun or is he providing real clues? NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has warned teams not to leak their selections, but this seems to be hazy enough not to get him in trouble if truly representing his choices.

This year he is at it again, starting Thursday night. You can follow him again, not at his usual twitter handle but at #seahawksdraftclues! To see what he posts this year. The team has the #12 pick in the first round and is reportedly looking for a speed pass rusher. If you crack the code let us know.


  1. I cant link the Hangover clip or the Step Brothers clues but between the Tommy Boy clip and the Blades of Glory clip I think I have pieced together a not totally crazy answer. In the Tommy Boy clip David Spade says “Did I catch a niner in there?” The 49ers’ colors are scarlet and gold. Also, the Tommy Boy clip includes the scene with Farley acting like Darth Vader saying “Luuuuuuuke”. From the Blades of Glory clip i gathered this; Craig T Nelson is in the clip, his most known role is in Coach, where he coaches the Eagles.

    1) “Did I hear a niner in there?” –> 49ers’ colors are scarlet and gold —> Boston College’s colors are almost identical.

    2) Craig T Nelson coached the Eagles in “Coach” —> Boston College mascot is an eagle

    3) “Luuuuuke”

    All of this points to the Seahawks taking Luke Kuelchy!

  2. If this is right I think Pete Carroll owes you a Starbucks gift card or something

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