Daytona 500 History: First In-Race Tweeted Photo!

If you are watching the Daytona 500 live on Fox you may have seen the spectacular crash-and-explosion when Juan Pablo Montoya’s car skidded into a safety vehicle, blowing up a whole bunch of airplane fuel. When something like that happens the race is red-flagged, meaning the drivers stop on the course — and of course since it is 2012 driver Brad Keselowski took out his iPhone, snapped a picture and tweeted it:

Now kids — don’t tweet and drive, especially when you are going 200 mph. But when you’re stopped for a red flag? Go ahead, make social media sports history.

UPDATE: Jalopnik had a great breakdown of the moment in NASCAR and Twitter time.


  1. According to reports after the race, @keselowski picked up somewhere between 100K or 150K Twitter followers just after sending out his pic. Guess that means more phones in cars on race day.

  2. Another late night question: Where the hell do you put a phone so it stays put at 195 mph?

  3. The announcers were talking about that. They keep a bunch of stuff in the car, hat etc… It is the netting somewhere


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