PlayUp pushes to China

PlayUp plans to launch in China in January, according to a China Daily report.

PlayUp is rapidly establishing itself as a global leader in sports social media applications for mobile devices. Launched in the United States in October, PlayUp has already downloaded 75,000 applications worldwide, according to an earlier MobileSportsReport article. By pushing into China, PlayUp establishes a presence in each of the three top markets for mobile sports. It is already active in India and Brazil.

The PlayUp application mixes live sports scores with sports social media. Its interface allows people to pick games to comment on, and easily filter conversations.

According to China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), there are over 952 million mobile phone users in the country, including over 102 million on 3G mobile networks.

PlayUp will be the first application of its kind available in China when it debuts in January, according to China Daily.

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