Alabama-LSU Twitter Reaction: No Game of the Century

If you liked defense, maybe LSU-Alabama tonight was your cup of tea. But as the night wore on and neither team’s offense lived up to the hype the sentiment on Twitter started calling this one a boring tilt that didn’t deserve all the attention. ESPN columnist and talent for Pardon the Interruption Mike Wilbon even shouted down his own employer, saying the hype was unworthy:

I love all the Kool-Aid drinkers…All they heard all week (90 percent of it from my employer, ESPN) was huge hype…It ain’t living up…


Michael Wilbon

Jason Whitlock at least gave the teams credit for playing great defense, but put the “boring” idea out there as well:

What do we think of the Game of the Century? Pretty boring? Or great defensive battle?


Jason Whitlock

Bob Wojnowski of the Detroit News got in a Daylight Savings Rip:

Don’t forget to turn your clocks back tonight to mark Bama and LSU turning football offense back half a century.


Bob Wojnowski

And yes, the expected crying photo after the Bama loss. Though not the way you might expect it:

Photo of Alabama couple crying after loss to LSU


Bleacher Report

And then the Big Lead caught us up on the game we maybe should have been watching:

oh my gosh, SICK catch by Kansas State at the 5 yard line. Holy cow, you NEED to watch this game


Jason McIntyre


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