CBS Live ‘Chat’ With Danielson — Pretty Cool

His voice is shot from calling color on the LSU-Alabama tilt, but I have to give CBS and Gary Danielson credit for the cool “Fifth Quarter” chat following the game. I didn’t quite understand the format beforehand but having Gary camping out in the CBS motohome (with a Diet Coke) answering questions live (being read to him by some other guy off a laptop) works pretty well — would love to see Herby and Corso do this on Gameday.

What also worked was CBS’s decision to use a “quick login” on its chat tool, meaning that I didn’t have to give up my Twitter sign-in info to CBS. I was able to just log in and ask a question and hey! They even asked Gary my question and we won’t even dis them for calling us “mobEEL sports report,” like we are from Alabama or something:

I was giving Danielson some grief on Twitter during the game but I have to say that after watching and listening I can see why he is the No. 1 analyst on CBS (too bad Fox doesn’t have someone his equal to sit beside Joe Buck on baseball). Gary answered my question by saying he didn’t think Bama was tight, but that it does need an elite receiver to compete with the big boys. Fair enough.

Like its Internet broadcast of the game, CBS’s production of the chat is over the top good, with the loud air conditioner noise behind Gary D giving it a bit of that raw edge. Think this is a great model for future online video chats… I am thinking here in a sports bar or some guys like Wilbon, Greg Couch and Jim Rome on a couch with some adult beverages… I’d watch!


  1. On further review — they need lots fewer Aflac commercials. I mean, c’mon. One every five minutes I could see. But one every minute? Overkill.

  2. Bill Moulton is the guy on the right feeding questions to Danielson.

  3. Barry Butler says

    From my perspective, Gary and Vern are the worst commentators in major network broadcasting. Gary looks at situations on the field as though he could do better. If he could, I believe he would be on the sidelines instead of the press box.


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