Friday Grab Bag: No More MRIs on Twitter for Arian Foster

Just a quick roundup of some Mobile Sports-related topics today, including Arian Foster telling Jim Rome that he probably isn’t going to put any more MRI photos on Twitter anytime soon.

AT&T Adds Wi-Fi to Xcel Energy Center in Minnesota:

While we will have a longer feature coming up soon about AT&T’s push to bring Wi-Fi to more stadiums we didn’t want to pass up the news of Ma Bell adding enhanced Wi-Fi access to the Xcel Energy Center, home of hockey’s Minnesota Wild. Among the features added by AT&T are on-site access to video replays and the ability to order food from your seat. What more does a fan want? Like we said, stay tuned for a longer feature on AT&T’s Wi-Fi stadium strategy.

Is Twitter Video the Next Big Thing?

Twitter pros already know how to put photos on the web for instant sharing, but what about video clips? According to GigaOM a company called Keek has just raised $5.5 million to help build out its short-video messaging service. Get ready for a lot of “Dude, we’re here at the game!” posts soon.

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