EVRI’s SportStream Football App not out to “out-ESPN ESPN,” CEO Says

As rehearsed as the routes he ran for the Bengals: NBC Sports' Cris Collinsworth

Well-funded, technically savvy and charging as hard as Oakland Raiders running back Darren McFadden, realtime content engine Evri still isn’t out to “out-ESPN ESPN,” company CEO Will Hunsinger reportedly told the technology information website TechCrunch.

Nonetheless, Evri ought to be top of mind for every NFL fan, and application developers like Evri are an emerging thorn in the side to such networks as ESPN. The company’s SportStream Football application, available for iOS and Android, gives fans real-time push notifications and robust in-game commentary through social media. It is free, and it is pretty darned good.

No doubt, Hunsinger’s meant his not “out-ESPN ESPN” comment when he said it. First published by the technology website TechCrunch, Hunsinger knows that his company’s immediate future relies on providing information that network game coverage lacks.

Long term, however, such companies as Evri have a legitimate shot at challenging the big boys. SportStream Football users can receive commentary customized to their specific interests in a game, including updates on NFL players from their alma mater. It is a customized experience, and the day is soon coming when personalized commentary is going to be far more compelling than listening to lines NBC Sports Cris  Collinsworth and other network sportscasters rehearse in advance and then shoehorn into game-day commentary when it is convenient.

Consider a download of SportStream Football. It is an early winner in the mobile sports content delivery space. At the very least, it will improve your sports reading experience on smartphones and tablets. And, who knows? You may find a Twitter feed you find a whole lot more insightful than what you are being spoon fed through your network feed.


  1. I actually like Collinsworth… though he tends to give way too much credit to assistant coaches for game plans when it is the players who make it happen. Still, I find his commentary loads better than Boomer or some of the other B-listers on Fox and CBS broadcasts. And any time you see Tony Sirigusa with a microphone in hand, hit mute.

    Does Sportstream have a way to manually filter their feeds? Or are you simply relying on their algorithms? Seems like there could be a lot of chaff to weed through…


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