Giants Win, Twitter Explodes

It’s become pretty normal for Twitter to blow up after any big event now (just wait until the U.S. Presidential elections) but when the company’s hometown baseball team wins the World Series, the explosion of tweets is the Internet equivalent of the fireworks going off around us here in the Bay Area tonight. According to Topsy, the tweets hit 38,000 per minute right after Sergio Romo got Miguel Cabrera to watch strike three on that sick fastball:

38,000+ tweets per minute for the @ after winning the #worldseries! Go Giants! #sfgiants



In honor of the Giants and for Twitter, some choice post-game missives from the folks we follow. Any good ones you’ve seen, put them in the comments and I’ll add them later to the main post.

Second time today Romo’s clinched a game for the Giants.


Jim Rome

When a #WorldSeries is won on the road…almost as awkward as that Erin Andrews interview of Marco Scutaro.


Matt Ginella

my neighborhood is one #SFGiants party spot. Honking has begun in earnest.


Om Malik

RT @: Dear God. Giants championship parade scheduled for Halloween. That is going to be a FREAKSHOW.


Jason Kint

p.s. Thank you Melky for the All-Star victory 😉


Omid Ashtari

Giants win with pitching, defense..managers moves..timely hitting..sounds like simple formula..if it were everyone would do it..congrats SF


karl ravech

Across the street from me, how to watch the game in The City. (Also, faster than Twitter for news.)


Rafe Needleman