Best Moments of the Summer Olympics: Oscar Pistorius to Missy Franklin

Sports we otherwise don't care about. Subjective judging. Commercial overload. The 30th Summer Olympics were ripe with issues. But it was still hard not to watch and there were plenty of reasons we're glad we did.

Here are the Top-10 Best Things about the London Olympic Games.

Gabby Douglas soared high above the balance beam

10. Michael Phelps. Mission Accomplished. Now go and enjoy life.

9. Bulgarian gymnast Yordan Yovchev, 39 and silver-haired, competed in his sixth Olympics. For once, “You're the Man” meant something.

8. Bob Costas, commenting during athletes' parade in the Closing Ceremonies: “Forging friendships and in some cases, being vibrant, perhaps more than friendships.”

7. Closing Ceremonies. Would have served well as the Opening Ceremonies.

6. Michael Jordan, Wayne Gretzky, Jack Nicklaus, Lance Armstrong. Hey, fellas, meet Mr. Usain Bolt.

5. The image by Reuters photographer Luke MacGregor who took three days but finally got what he wanted — the shot of the full moon under the Tower Bridge as the sixth Olympic ring. No action, no athletes, no image more poignant.

4. Grenada teenager Kirani James asking fellow 400-meter “Blade Runner” Oscar Pistorius to exchange numbers after their semifinal. Pure class at age 19.

3. Oscar Pistorius. Three words: Inspiration, athleticism, graciousness.

2. The image of Gabby Douglas frozen in time a stratosphere about the balance beam taken by Ken Budd of the Associated Press. Note to Pulitzer Prize judges: Look no further.

1. Missy Franklin. One ever-smiling teenager who never stopped proving there's hope for the Olympic Games as something other than sponsor-driven, network-controlled madness.

James Raia is an editor and publisher in Sacramento, California. Visit his site: