Will You Watch the Red Bull Stratos Jump Live? Delayed Until Tuesday Next Week

UPDATE 3: Looks like we will have to wait until Sunday at the earliest:

Meteorologist Don Day confirmed a Thursday launch is not possible. The next weather window opens on Sunday October 14th.


Red Bull Stratos

UPDATE 2: Launch was canceled Tuesday due to strong winds. Try again tomorrow?

UPDATE: Follow the live feed on YouTube. As of 10:15 PT, the launch looks like a go, with Baumgartner getting into the capsule.

I’m still not sure if the upcoming Red Bull Stratos Jump is something really special, a complete PR stunt, a budding hoax, or at the very worst, the first live execution on the Internet. There is certainly no shortage of promotional prep work being done for the planned space jump by Felix Baumgartner, but the whole idea that the dude may have his eyeballs melt or something horrific like that makes the whole thing something I will probably skip when it happens live, now on Tuesday due to weather complications.

For a lot of details, Engadget has a great writeup here. Which spells out some of the risks, which include great harm that could come to Baumgartner’s body if bad things happen, like a suit tear, or an unstoppable spin.

Will you watch? Where do you come out on this stuff? I have been spending a lot of time lately being amazed at how Red Bull, the kind-of-weird energy drink, spends boatloads of cash to do things like sponsor far-out mountain bike escapades all in the name of YouTube bike porn. Good fun. But the space jump seems… a bit out there, in my opinion. As the blog post clip below notes, Felix will be wearing five high-def cameras so if anything goes wrong… the web will be the first to know.

Good luck Felix. I hope this is a thrill and not something bad.

Advanced high-definition cinematography cameras will beam real-time images of Felix Baumgartner’s every move in the Red Bull Stratos space capsule, providing interior and exterior points of view during the mission. And when Felix jumps, he’ll be wearing five high-definition cameras, giving you the feeling you’re right there with him in the descent.

In addition to documenting the record-breaking jump Felix’s experience will also be captured by powerful long-range and infrared cameras on the ground, as well as by a helicopter hovering near his flight path. The live stream of Felix’s jump will be available on redbullstratos.com, on partner sites and carried by more than 50 TV and Internet channels around the globe, in advance of a BBC documentary this fall.

Jay Nemeth (FlightLine Films), the mission’s director of high-altitude photography, and his team have been working to meet the challenges of the lethal stratosphere for the last five years. The Red Bull Stratos capsule and Baumgartner’s pressure suit have more HD cameras than most 45-foot TV production trucks. “We have basically created a flying video production studio,” Nemeth said.

Who ensures secure signals from the capsule back to earth? Riedel Communications, renowned for its advanced fiber, intercom and radio technology – provides the entire communications solution for the mission, integrating both wireless and wired digital intercom systems. Riedel furnishes the fiber-based video and signal distribution as well as the wireless video links to the capsule’s onboard cameras – enabling stunning pictures to be delivered from the Red Bull Stratos capsule to ground control.


  1. Won’t be the first live online execution if that is the case. But you sheltered sheep wouldn’t know that.

  2. Good press, yes. Exposure, absolutely. But a shallow PR stunt? Definitely not. When Joseph Kittinger first made his jump in 1960 at 102,800 feet, it wasn’t about corporate sponsorships but rather about pushing limits and raw human frontier. Felix’s present day jump is about nothing less than that same inherent drive to climb to new feats and make history by breaking record speeds in free-fall. Red Bull is a brand that sends a message about tenacity, challenging everyone to step back and examine the adventure in which we live our own lives. I believe that it’s only fitting that Red Bull stepped up and produced this event. While they do stand to gain massive exposure and brand promotion, (from this and other events, such as the criticized biking videos) it remains consistent with their brand image, as well as the extreme culture, fostered behind what is simply a consumer packaged good. If you could sit down with all the Red Bull athletes, their fans, and the people driving these events into reality – I think you would learn that these aren’t simply ‘fluff’ events aimed at selling more cans, but rather it’s about the culture behind the brand and the outlets they are attempting to create for those wild enough to step up to the Red Bull challenge, and do something spectacular.

    • Who’s criticizing the bike videos? Not me, I think “bike porn” is great stuff. Love the insane creativity and athleticism. I truly think it’s the next wave of the sport, way more exciting than people doing laps and getting some time and a medal. I salute Red Bull and other smart sponsors like GoPro for basically inventing their own categories, and using mobile/Internet technologies as their own distribution. I think it’s more in the spirit of things like Muddy Buddy and Spartan Race, where it’s about the fun and not necessarily getting a good “score.” Way cool and hope to cover more of it here at MSR.

      Just not sure how the space jump thing fits in. Seems pretty damn dangerous, like the folks who do the free dives. I get that it is extreme but wonder and worry and hope that it doesn’t spur other less prepared people to push limits they aren’t prepared to push… it seems a far cry from doing a flip on a bike to jumping from 20 miles up.

      • Wait until you see their next event. Imagine the Red Bull Air Race, except instead of single engine prop planes, humans in glider suits racing between obstacles. An event which I’m sure will be conducted with far less precision and calculation than the caliber of preparation being but into the Stratos jump.

  3. On weather hold Tuesday morning. Looking at 11:30 Mountain Time start time.

  4. As for Felix Baumgartner, I personally hope that this man will make it. As for the first frontier of improving things for man in the space shuttles, this event has great possibilities. As for Red Bull sponsoring this event, great. Absolutely, give money for the event and others as well. However, that being said I personally do not like RED BULL as a drink, nor do I think it should be on the market for human consumption. All in all it is what it is and people do have choices to do or not to do with their life, anything else would not be classified as freedom of choice. So, lets everyone here pull together and give Felix Baumgartner the prayers and support that he will so badly need at this time in his life and with the choice he has made to do this horrific jump for man kind:)


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