Game Fixing in eSports? Say it Ain’t So!

League of Legends

All of the gamers that I know are fiercely competitive, and would destroy their grandmother (figuratively) if it meant that they could advance to the next level or open up new capabilities and so I was shocked at the news that came out of the Summer Championships from last weekend.

Major League Gaming, the tournament organizer, has revoked the titles and prize money that had previously awarded to the top two teams in the League of Legends tournament, accusing the teams of colluding in the first round.

While the MLG did not spell out exactly how the two teams colluded, it has been speculated that they played an easy version of the game in order to manipulate the rankings for later in the tournament, which ended up having these two teams face each other for the championship.

If this sounds familiar a similar collusion occurred during the recently concluded Summer Olympics with the badminton teams. In the MLG case, the teams still played to win, it is just that they manipulated the system, a move that violates both the rules and the ethics of the MLG.

They have both agreed with the ruling, at least in part, as has Riot Games the developer of League of Legends. The top two positions in the tournament will be vacated, with no team winning those places, but the third and fourth places finishers will get their points and awards.