NBC Launches Olympics Site, Pledges to ‘Stream Everything’ Online

Call it the fully online Olympics: In a news release today NBC said it would put as many events as possible from this year’s Summer Olympics online, often live as they happen from London. “If cameras are on it, we’ll stream it,” said Rick Cordella, vice president and general manager of NBC Sports Digital Media, in a report from the New York Times. The content will be offered free at NBCOlympics.com, a new site which launched Wednesday with the games 100 days away.

With digital viewing of live sports on the increase everywhere, it’s no surprise that NBC is going to show as much of the Olympics as it can. With high-profile partners like Cisco and AT&T helping flesh out the technical infrastructure, NBC should be well prepared for the expected online onslaught. Like the Masters and other events occuring over long periods of time at non-U.S. prime time hours, the Olympics are tailor-made for asynchronous viewing on mobile platforms. You could even say that the Olympics are the perfect event for online, on-demand viewing since many of the sports aren’t mainstream but have devoted followers who for years had to go through bizarre hoops just to find coverage of their beloved events, like curling or equestrian.

And it’s a good bet that people who watch an event live on a mobile platform will return later that day or the next day to watch a produced version of the event on the regular TV shows; so far all stats for online viewerships show that having more content online only increases the regular broadcast audience of an event.


  1. Anyone know if we still need Silverlight?

  2. BBC doing the same for all events


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