Masters Week Matchup: Tiger vs. Rory, the Website Battle

One of the huge themes to this year’s Masters golf tournament is how the new phenom, Rory McIlroy, will match up against the “old” phenom, Tiger Woods. With both their golf games at a high level, it should be fun to watch. Until play starts Thursday, we can see how the two golfing stars match up online, by looking at their respective websites.

We’ve always been big fans of Tiger’s site, and it is probably safe to say that Tiger was the first major sports star who forced the media to quote him off his website, instead of via direct interviews. That may also be why now you see many media types ready to kick Tiger when he is down. But the Tiger Woods website is still a great place to go to get info on all things Tiger, albeit in a very sanitized, sponsor-friendly way.

We didn’t even know that Rory McIlroy had a website but a tweet from the defending U.S. Open champ today let us know that he has a spiffy new site up, and that we probably won’t be hearing anything from McIlroy on social media the rest of the week as he starts his Masters grind:

Tiger is also active on Twitter today, talking about a great practice round with old pal Mark O’Meara and promoting a new charity effort over on Facebook. We’ll see if there are any post-round Tiger tweets as the week unfolds.

Any folks out there who like the new-look Rory site? I am more a fan of the button-down style of Tiger’s site; anytime there is too much Flash or automated stuff on a site I am turned off. Are you a fan of the new or the old? Is there some reason that using the new stuff increases traffic? Use the comments below to register your own web-design expertise.

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