RotoWire Readies Fantasy Apps ahead of MLB Season Opener

RotoWire ready for Major League Baseball to start.
With one of the most important days of the New Year to baseball fans already passed earlier this week with pitchers and catchers reporting one of the next important milestones for fans is preparing for their fantasy baseball draft.

To help fans prepare and follow their teams RotoWire has released four apps that can help a fan do everything from prepare for the draft to manage their team post draft during the season. There is also now offerings that support CBS’ fantasy platform.

The company sees itself in the sweet spot in the market as fans have been strongly moving to on-line platforms for their information but also looking to manage their teams and even watch sports on mobile devices and so RotoWire has developed to leverage this trend.

“Consumers are increasingly shifting time away from TVs and PCS to consume more content on tablets and smartphones, and fantasy sports is at the forefront of this trend,” said Peter Schoenke, president of RotoWire in a prepared statement.

Overall the company has a total of 17 mobile sports apps and they are available represented on all of the major platforms so that fans do not have to pick a specific platform to get their sports data.

Fantasy Baseball Draft Kit: this is designed to help a manager organize and rank players in preparation for the draft, with a wealth of data available on each player including past performances and injuries. It also has the ability to have a user eliminate drafted players and get real time recommendations on the remaining field of players.

There is now also a Fantasy Baseball Guide for the iPad. Experienced RotoWire users are familiar with this magazine that features players existing and projected stats, profiles, analysis, as well as listing top rookies and more.

The apps do not stop once the season starts. The third app is the Fantasy Baseball Assistant that is designed to help manage a team in-season. It features the expected in season stats and baseball news but a nice key feature is its ability to enable a manager to create and manage a watch list.

The last of the newly introduced apps is one that is for an all around fantasy enthusiast as it does not just relate to baseball. The Fantasy News Center includes fantasy sports news for not only baseball but also NFL, NBA, NHL, golf, racing, college football, college basketball, and soccer.

RotoWire also now offers Fantasy Player News and Player Outlooks on CBS’ new open fantasy platform App Central, with information including player news and profiles.

If you are like I am you are, or have friends that also compete in multiple leagues across a range of sports. The amount of information needed to stay competitive is vast and growing, and while it is great to win the bragging rights and more when winning a league, in one I know of the loser has to treat to steak dinners, just to keep fans everybody’s head in the league all season.

The amount of information available as well as the tools to stay organized the RotoWire offers are a great start for fans both experience with the ins and outs of fantasy sports but also to help newbies get a firm foundation when they start out.

There will be plenty more apps released to help scout, draft, and manage teams for the upcoming MLB season. This is one of the first that has come to our attention and I am sure we will be listing few more in the next few weeks prior to the first pitch of the season. If you have a favorite app drop us a line.

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