Bleacher Report Joins YouTube Parade, Adds 4 New Shows

We’ve been asking the question about whether or not YouTube is becoming the next big de facto sports network, and Bleacher Report seems to agree with the idea — at least the news today about B/R launching four new YouTube shows points in that general direction.

Here’s the quick take: The old impression of YouTube is bad cell phone videos and crazy cat stunts. The new impression is professional quality content, from the rights owners themselves, available 24/7 to an audience that might just be mobile. For Bleacher Report, which is already reporting that 40 percent of its traffic comes from a mobile viewing platform, more YouTube shows makes perfect sense. Distribution costs are low, it’s easy to find and connect, and younger Internet users are familiar with the format.

It’s also interesting to note that for its video shows and for its site in general, Bleacher Report is adding more professional writers and producers to augment the fan-contributed material that made B/R a different animal than existing sports sites.

UPDATE: YouTube’s own blog spells out some more sports programming on the video giant. (Thanks to @xpangler for the HT)


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