Mobile Sports Gamblers Bet More and More Often, Report Says

In 2011, the average gambler using a mobile device to be on sports wagered 30 percent more and 29 percent more often than gamblers using desktop and laptop computers, according to a  just-released Sports Agent Blog report. And during the year, sports betting has become 50 percent of the global gaming marketplace.

With the price points of mobile phones and tablets declining, mobile sports betting will expand in 2012, and online gaming companies must improve mobile sports betting interfaces in order to continue to grow, Sports Agent Blog said.

The data was used to prompt online sports books to expand their development of applications for mobile devices. Today, most online sports books provide only an e-commerce user interface that allows access to their accounts, and betting. The use of sports social media and richer content is a necessity because the audience is valuable and growing, Sports Agent Blog said.

Traditionally, the mobile betting arm of an online gambling operator was situated as a utility piece for registered members…  It is very apparent that the use of mobile betting interfaces as a value added option for members is no longer a competitive position for operators to take.

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