‘Hard Foul’ Sports Video Crests 6 Million Views

If you are a high-school sports official, and you don’t think your calls can’t earn a national spotlight, think again.

A YouTube video of an obscure high-school basketball game in Washington State is getting national attention because it shows a series of flagrant fouls. It was posted by a local fan, and shows two Connell High School basketball players hacking, clothes lining, and pushing Vanderbilt rivals. Since it was posted, the video has accumulated over 6 million views.

The video was taken by a local fan, who initially posted it to demonstrate the need for better officiating, according to a Seattle Times report.

The video underscores that any sporting event — not just nationally broadcast games — can gain the national spotlight, and could eventually lead to better standards in prep sports officiating.

If you like wrestling, this basketball video is worth watching:


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