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The Mobile Sports Report CONNECTED EVENT DILEMMA e-Report takes a thorough look at the newest problem facing stadium operators, big event organizers and other parties who regularly host big crowds like those found at major sporting events: Namely, that everyone wants wireless Internet access, and the regular cellular infrastructure can’t keep up. That’s where high quality Wi-Fi comes in.

This in-depth report offers a thorough explanation of why current cellular infrastructures can’t handle the current and expected future demands of the connected fan, and why high quality Wi-Fi is needed to keep up with the rapid advancements in personal digital device technology, and fans’ desires to stay connected and to share experiences while at large public events.

This report also examines how a high quality wireless network may be used to increase revenues for stadium owners and event operators, enhancing the attendee experience while also increasing the bottom line. Prepared in an easy-to-read style with deep background material for those who might not be familiar with wireless network underpinnings, this report is designed for anyone involved in the business of bringing networks, applications and services to large-event spaces, including stadiums, outdoor concerts, racetracks, festivals and even college and corporate campuses. There is no charge for downloading the report.

In this new report you will learn:

  • — How fan behavior has recently shifted to include heavy use of wireless devices while at big events or games
  • — Why the current regular cellular infrastructure can’t keep up with big-event demands
  • — What leading teams and stadium organizations are doing to address their wireless Internet access needs, now
  • — How you and your organization can start crafting a plan to ensure your stadium, event or other large public space isn’t left behind

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